Financial Advisor Magazine Article Covers XA Investments’ Private Equity Event

XA Investments hosted a panel discussion on the topic of access to private equity at the NYSE on October 8th. Gregory Bresiger shares the key takeaways from the event in his new article, titled “Private Equity A Must For Retirement Portfolios, Panel Argues.” The discussion featured private equity experts including Clayton Cheek from Artivest, Doug Keller from Pantheon, Chris Shepherdson from CR Capital Group and Joseph Bonvouloir from ALTI Financial. Panelists discussed recent initiatives by the SEC and efforts by notable private equity investment firms to expand access to private equity for individual investors. These initiatives would allow individuals to capture the benefits of investments in private equity, and alternatives in general, which allocations to stocks and bonds alone may not provide.

Kimberly Flynn, XA Investments Managing Director of Alternative Investments, moderated the panel. She argued that individual investors currently allocate too much of their portfolio to traditional, highly liquid investments like stocks and bonds, while investments in private equity may diversify and enhance portfolios. Retirement portfolios are particularly suitable for private equity, panelists argued, because the long investment horizons of retirement accounts align with the less liquid nature and common lockup periods of private equity investments.

Managing Director of CR Capital Group Chris Shepherdson pointed out that “public companies are older and less growth oriented than private companies.” He added, “if you are looking to grow your practice over time, then I don’t think that you can avoid this asset class.”

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