New Article on Alts in Retirement Features XA Investments

In the new FA Magazine article, “The Case For Alternatives In Retirement Portfolios,” Gregory Bresiger relays some of the key points from an XA Investments sponsored seminar on diversifying retirement portfolios. The main takeaways primarily centered around the idea of including alternatives in retirement portfolios to increase returns and decrease volatility.

Bresiger also calls attention to a recent study conducted by Willis Towers Watson and Angela Antonelli, which concluded that a target-date portfolio with an allocation to alternatives “generates about 17 percent more than an undiversified portfolio for each $100,000 in annual pre-retirement wages.” While investors may be inclined to favor equities over alternatives in retirement portfolios based upon the outstanding performance exhibited by stocks over the past decade, seminar panelists asserted that the case for alternatives will become increasingly clear as U.S. equities converge back to their mean.

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