XAI Featured in Emerging Manager Monthly

Matthew McCue, Editor of Emerging Manager Monthly, a publication of Financial Investment News, interviewed XA Investments’ Kimberly Flynn in its October issue. In the article “XA On Lookout for Opportunities after Launching First Closed-End Fund,” Kimberly Flynn discusses XA Investments’ role as Adviser to the XAI Octagon Floating Rate & Alternative Income Term Trust (NYSE Listed: XFLT), a recently launched fund and the first in a series of alternative closed-end funds that XAI intends to launch. Please click here for the full article.

Kimberly Flynn notes XAI’s interest in less liquid or illiquid institutional alternatives which are timely because they produce healthy yield and total return.

XAI is seeking partnerships with institutional-caliber, alternative managers. A partnership with XAI allows managers to benefit from XAI’s expertise in product development, fund management, marketing and distribution. “It allows them to stay focused on managing institutional money and it doesn’t require them to spend time on things that they are not currently doing,” she says. She continues by saying that a partnership provides “speed to market and you don’t have to have a sales and marketing arm or capability to do it.”