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Access CLO Equity for Alternative Income

Why XA Investments?

XA Investments LLC (XAI) is an investment manager which provides innovative solutions to amplify your business:

  • Access to institutional-caliber alternatives
  • Demand-focused product design
  • Education and insights
  • Innovation that drives better outcomes

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Guided by an experienced team of visionary thinkers

Understanding that investor demand and preferences are heavily shaped by current market trends and industry regulations, XAI identifies these influences and designs timely investment solutions.

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Introducing our latest offering

The appeal of alternatives has always been the potential for higher yield, improved diversification, reduced volatility and higher expected returns. At XAI, we also understand that fund design matters.

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The Art™ Platform

Innovating to be better

The Alternative Registered Trust (ART)™ platform represents a new category of alternatives. Enhanced features and benefits are the hallmark of the ART structure. Explore the next phase in the evolution of alternative investing.

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XAI is influencing the way financial advisors and their clients view alternatives.

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